The Path of Power with Sara Salam

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We live in a time of great change. As a dear friend of mine once put it: “Our actions over the next few years will shape life on Earth for the next billions of years.”

While we may at times feel as though the issues in the world are too large for us to tackle alone, these issues are powerfully linked and affected by the daily intentions we set, the emotions we cultivate, and the actions we take. What we see happening in the world is a reflection ~at least on some level~ of our own inner world.

Creating a world that is whole and healthy is intricately linked to our own health and wholeness. If we desire peace, we must cultivate peace inside. If we value inclusiveness, we must be inclusive in our actions. If we desire understanding, meaning and joy, we must find ways to flow through various experiences in life with a sense of joy, meaning and understanding.

This is where true power exists and where we can shift our experience in life: within ourselves. This is what I call the Path of Power (POP).

Over the years, I have lived many walks of life. I have been a daughter, sister, student, competitive athlete, musician, business consultant, Krav Maga instructor, entrepreneur, business owner, executive coach, leadership team facilitator, aunt, godmother, rape crisis counselor, shamanic healer and soul coach. These walks of life have given me many opportunities to apply subtler, unseen energies practically into our lives so that their effects can be felt, experienced, lived, and seen eventually.

There is a field of energy that runs through all living matter. In fact, most matter is mainly energy. The energetic dimension is what connects us all. The physical is an extension of the spiritual, the energetic. This dimension has been explored and supported by ancient medicine men and women to modern quantum physicists.

So how do we apply energetic principles to our lives?

Each person is unique and yet we all come with inherent potential and specific purpose. This purpose is supported by an infrastructure ~which includes our brain, body, senses, and intuition~ and the ability to choose which actions to take moment by moment. These aspects form our individual navigation system. However, a navigation system cannot function unless it has been loaded with helpful, easy to navigate, and healthy maps.

Helping individuals create their own spiritual or energetic map to life, activating their inherent potential, initiating the next part of their journey, and elevating the way they walk on this Earth, are the areas that I care about.

It has been my experience that when we activate our potential, know what our gifts and talents are, offer our gifts to the world in meaningful ways, and use our navigation system cleanly and safely for all living beings involved, we are able to create a life that is personally meaningful and valuable, elevates those we touch, and creates solutions for whatever challenges humanity and Earth face in its current time.

Each person completes a particular facet in what has been called a “Global Earth Mandala”. For a healed and peaceful world, we need each facet to be whole and healed and each person to be able to express their gifts fully and meaningfully, with a sense of joy in the heart. It is in this expression that we elevate ourselves, our loved ones, our community, and the world.

I feel passionate about assisting others to walk their authentic journey in meaningful and valuable ways, embodying and expressing their full potential in order to create a world we all desire to live in.

I offer my gifts to those who find their way to me. I believe that there is a reason you are reading these words and have found your way to my website. It may lead you to work with me, or it may guide you to the next person or place on your journey. Whatever it does, it is my intention that you will live consciously and increasingly aligned with your heart and your inspired vision for our world.

I send you blessings of Joy, Beauty and Wellbeing on the journey ahead.

Munay, Yachay, Llankay.


The Path of Power

Embody your spirit. Live your purpose. Create your own path. Become a healing presence for all you touch. Walk gently on our Earth.

Vision ~ A Healed State

A world in which people, organizations, cultures and countries live in harmony with Nature and create healthy and peaceful solutions that allow ecosystems and communities to thrive organically and symbiotically.

Mission ~ What I Do

Create a Space in which we activate our healed human potential, embody our spirit, live our purpose, and elevate all we touch.

Purpose ~ Why I Do What I Do

Create communities in which we joyfully offer our gifts, are valued for who we are, and feel nurtured, nourished, appreciated and supported on our path.

Intention ~ How I Manifest

Align my actions with my vision, mission, and purpose, and to live joyfully as part of Nature.


Before offering a service or program, I do my utmost to ensure that my offerings are:










The Map

The Path of Power helps you create your own authentic map to life. It includes a comprehensive set of personal aspects and relationships we must tend to in order to create a healthy, peaceful and meaningful human existence. I describe and utilize this framework in the Path of Power Mentorship and Self Defense Journey, as well as in my programs for veterans and couples:

Path of Power Map

Foundational Principles

Foundational Principles are for the purpose of mastery and embodiment in daily life.

~The descriptions below are my own definitions for the purposes of what I offer~

Integrity ~ Being aligned in our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Authenticity ~ Expressing and living our truth within ourselves and with others.

Power ~ Knowing that we create our state of being, taking ownership of what we co-create, and behaving in accordance with our intricate and interwoven connection to Nature.

Service ~ Meaningfully, purposefully, cleanly and intentionally utilizing our gifts and talents to help other sentient beings on our planet.

Impeccability ~ Staying truthfully and unwaveringly committed in one’s actions to one’s healed vision for the world, even if oneself has to change, let go (of beliefs, things, or relationships), or does not seem to benefit.

Responsibility ~ Consciously and proactively responding to situations, and choosing to make healthy changes ourselves in order to co-create a healed and healthy reality that benefits all life on Earth for seven generations to come.

Community Values

Community Values are intended to be applied and utilized when coming together with other living beings.

~The descriptions below are my own definitions for the purposes of what I offer~

Diversity ~ Valuing the wisdom brought to the community by having different backgrounds, viewpoints, cultures, races, genders, experiences, and ways of living present.

Open Mindedness, Open Heartedness ~ Being available and open to new knowledge, feelings and sensations, and utilizing that information cooperatively and creatively to enhance life for all ecosystems.

Listening ~ Giving one’s attention to and staying present, aware and available with all the senses when other living beings are speaking or expressing themselves.

Kindness ~ Exercising goodwill and lovingkindness, and being friendly, caring and considerate toward others.

Cooperation ~ Working effectively with others to create healthy and sustainable solutions for all life on Earth.

Acceptance ~ Being satisfied with the way people or circumstances are, and being willing to work creatively and benevolently with current circumstances or human expressions to create healthy outcomes for all involved.

Living Principles

The principles below are “living,” meaning, they are ever-changing, alive and aspirational, something to live up to, or practice, at all times, with no particular endpoint in mind.

~The descriptions below are my own definitions for the purposes of what I offer~

Love ~ Living in deep appreciation of, and exercising compassion, care, kindness and goodwill toward all living beings.

Truth ~ Operating with honesty, sincerity and that which is in accordance with current observable facts, and working toward manifesting a healed outcome in that reality.

Joy ~ Cultivating a state of connection, appreciation, purpose, and worthiness in ourselves and others.

Harmony ~ Living in a harmonious, sacred and reciprocal relationship with all of Life.

Beauty ~ Nurturing ourselves into our full, healthy and vibrant expression, and choosing to see others in theirs.

Balance ~ Actively supporting a state of homeostasis so that one’s own body, mind and spirit can survive and function healthily.

Peace ~ Cultivating and nurturing a state of tranquility and calm inside ourselves, our communities, and the world.

My Journey

In 2009, a friend and client asked me about my journey. This 10-minute video is the result of that conversation.

Resources & Support


If you want to learn more about my story, or learn ways to create Sacred Space for yourself, take a look at my eBooks. If you’d like to receive an electronic PDF copy, please send an offering via PayPal to me in an amount that feels harmonious to you, add in the notes the title of the ebook you want to receive, and I will send it to you via email in pdf format.

Online Courses

If you are interested an online course about Sacred Space Creation and Shamanic Journeying, visit my page at Sacred Stories Media. There I use my spirit name Sarah Hawk.


There are many instructional videos I have made available for purchase or rent on my Vimeo Channel. They range from Shamanic Healing to Luminous Warrior self defense and are a great way to support your learning and healing journey. If you are interested in these videos, please email me.

Live Support

I offer 1-on-1 Sessions via Zoom to help you with your soul’s growth and transformation. If you’d like to book a session online, you can do so on my Soul Coaching site at

If you’d like a personal and individual experience of the Luminous Warrior Training, Path of Power Journey, Soul Space Deepening, or Light Code Activation, please visit my Canadian website This site is available in both, English and German.

My Writings, Blogs & Articles

The Conversations page has many helpful articles and writings on topics related to the Path of Power, healing etc. Take a look and browse, perhaps there is something that serves your path.

Sacred Reciprocity

I want my service to be available to those who truly benefit from it and who come with a sincere desire and commitment to learn, heal and grow, regardless of their momentary financial abundance situation. We need people who are alive, aware, awake, and who are willing to change themselves in order to embody and express increasingly healed aspects of themselves so that they can serve our human family as well as other life on Earth with loving care, lasting joy and deep sincerity. It’s the reason I make as much as possible available for free. However, if you are in position to give a financial gift, regardless of whether we work together or not, I welcome it. You can do so at Thank you. To read more about Ayni -Sacred Reciprocity- please click here.


Below is a sample of individuals and organizations I have supported over the years:


Global Journalist Security


United States Institute of Peace

Amnesty International

Georgetown University

Polaris Project

DC Rape Crisis Center

Collective Action for Safe Spaces

DC Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Trinity College

Population Services International


Yui Company

The Foodie Alchemist

Teal Center for Healing

Smith Center for Healing

DC Time Bank


Executive Offices of the President


Government Workers

Team Leaders

Executive Teams

Massage Therapists



Human Rights Defenders


Police Officers


Active Military Personnel


Self Defense Instructors

Krav Maga students




Film Producers

Writers and Novelists

Security Specialists




A Note On Group Sizes

Each person and group is unique. Therefore, I tailor the content of my offerings specifically to those who come to me. My groups are small, so I can be fully present with those I serve. I allow only up to 8 individuals per group in my Trainings, up to 16 individuals in my Seminars, and up to 2 (4 in case of couples or families) in my Sessions. During Sacred Space and Community events, I welcome large groups of people because the energy is amplified in these settings while my presence and impact remain.

Next Step

I work magnetically, which means that I offer my services to those who ask. If what I offer resonates for you, please contact me. I trust that you will connect when you feel called to do so, and when time and space are aligned. Thank you!