Sacred Reciprocity

“The people of the Andes live the principle of the giveaway in their everyday affairs. The word used to describe it is ayni, which loosely translates from the Quechua as ‘reciprocity,’ or ‘today for you, tomorrow for me.’ Ayni is more than a business transaction between humans. In its most profound sense, it means sharing the generosity of the Primordial Light, which is unlimited, and expecting nothing in return. The shaman is not giving of herself and her medicine in measure to what she is paid for her services. She is giving all of herself, employing all her power, and using all her medicine. When at the end of a healing session the patient asks how much is owed, the answer is always, ‘whatever you can offer me.’~Alberto Villoldo

Why do I offer some of my services in Ayni?

It takes awareness, strength, and commitment to live your life authentically and on purpose, to be impeccable and of integrity, to practice energy medicine cleanly and safely for all involved.

In my consulting days, my time was “valued” at $450 an hour with a fraction of the qualifications I have gained by now; as a healer, guide, and coach, I “assessed” my service anywhere between $50 to $500 per hour over the years. Yet, can a life of service truly be “assessed”?

I spend most of my time in service …honing my skills, clearing my energy field, becoming more aware, conducting ceremonies… it’s not something I can “charge” for. It’s part of how I live and my commitment to my work. It is part of Earth and Community Stewardship.

In addition, to come up with $250 for one person is a quite different thing than for another! So I keep deepening the concept of (and the assumptions and motivations behind) “charging” for my time or services…

I have steadily offered free-of-charge Community events and ample free resources for people to learn, heal and grow (scroll to the bottom of this page).

In 2015, I added free support, as well as service exchanges, for select individuals who have either completed a full training or certification with me, have worked with me consistently for at least 2 years, or are committed on their paths and offer gifts and talents that are of service to me also. I call them Sabrina Spirit Exchangers, and they are much more to me than just friends and colleagues whom I deeply cherish and respect. They are my Tribe, and I see it as my responsibility to continue to support them on the path they have chosen through our work together.

In 2018, I decided to offer most of my remaining services in Ayni. This is my way of living authentically aligned with the principles I’ve learned and teach, and in this Spirit, I welcome “whatever you can offer me.”

  • If you can offer from the joy of your heart, in the Spirit of joyful giving, inspiration or appreciation, wonderful!
  • If you offer out of pity, guilt or fear, please do not. Behind everything is vibration and I’d like to receive only from love, joy and truth.
  • If you cannot or are not guided to offer anything, it’s not a problem. Perhaps abundance will flow from another source or show up in another way for you, and I.

Please follow your loving heart, your pure intention, and your clear inner guidance. If you are able to offer a gift, you can do so via the PayPal Friends & Family Option. Thank you.

It is a daily practice for me to walk through my human fears, and more fully embody the principles I teach. It is a way to live in accordance with the Foundational Principles I endorse (integrity, authenticity, power, service, impeccability, and responsibility) and the workings of the Unified Field the way I understand it from quantum physics.

Over the years, I have simplified my life to focus on only the essentials. This approach to life calms my fears, increases my inner clarity, and allows me to experiment with living in Ayni for now, even in a world that still heavily relies on money.

(For more on the money system read the book Sacred Economics by Charles Eisenstein or watch the short film on his website as well as the documentary Money & Life by Katie Teague.)

I want my service to be available to those who truly benefit from it and who come with a sincere desire and commitment to learn, heal and grow, regardless of their momentary financial abundance situation. We need people who are alive, aware, awake, and who are willing to change themselves in order to embody and express increasingly healed aspects of themselves so that they can serve our human family as well as other life on Earth with loving care, lasting joy and deep sincerity.

Therefore, if you are in position to give a financial gift, regardless of whether we work together or not, I welcome it. You can do so at PayPal. Thank you.


1. Links to external books, CDs, audios and websites on the Washington DC Luminous Warrior Center’s web archive.

2. Instructional videos on my Vimeo channel. There are over 100 videos that teach about mind, body and spirit, including Krav Maga and self defense.

3. Shamanic Journeying Series and Sacred Space Creation Course on my Sacred Stories Media page.

4. My e-Books on “10 Ways to Create Sacred Space” and my personal “Story of Transformation” (that I offer for 11 Euros each) are available here.

5. Articles I have written on our Blog about energy medicine, shamanic healing, types of healing, current events etc.

6. Handouts, as well as descriptions for healing ceremonies, rituals etc. are available for purchase. Access is made available through a personal Dropbox folder. Simply contact me to find out more.

7. There are seven Activations that were translated by a colleague and I for humanity in the spring of 2020. These are available for free until the year 2028 on our Brain Crystal Activation site.

If you have any questions, or prefer live support, please email me, or book a Session directly on my Soul Coaching site. There I use my spirit name Sarah Hawk.

I look forward to connecting with you!

Please note: Part of being of integrity is being able to say “no”, and being aware when one lacks the skills to help another person. Therefore, if I sense that our work together can elevate your Walk, the way you are in the world, then I will offer my services to you and say yes. If not, I will refer you to others who may be able to assist you. I have taught, coached and worked with many healers and professionals along my path, and feel confident that there will be someone who can help you.