Sacred Space

Sacred Space can refer to many things. It can include a physical or energetic space; our own, a group’s or a family’s emotional, mental or physical space; or any other number of “spaces” that’s pertain to an event or an intention.

Whether you have an upcoming event, conference, business meeting, moved into a new home, or changed your relationship or family status, creating a Sacred Space is a wonderful and powerful way to call in the energies that are clear, supportive and aligned for your path forward.

I help you create and hold the Space while you need it with the intention we have created together. I will share with you any information I may have received while creating or holding the Space. Then ~if you like~ I will teach you how to maintain this Space as you move forward in your work or life.

Creating, holding and maintaining do not have to happen together. They are distinct offerings and you can choose one, two or all three.


Sara Sacred Space

Creating Sacred Space is most often related to a physical space. It can be a conference room, a concert hall, an indoor or outdoor event space, our own home or garden, a place of business, or any other number of physical spaces.

Creation includes energetically cleansing a space and then rearranging it in a way that is aligned with clear intention, while calling in the energies and realms that can help you create what you desire.

Each Space Creation is unique and I will receive guidance on what needs to change, shift or be arranged once there. We will work together to create a process that works for you and the space, is easy to implement, joyful to engage in, and elevates all involved.


Holding Space most often relates to an event, a group, or a person. It works best when Sacred Space has been created. However, it can be done even without Sacred Space Creation.

imageI have held space for leaders while they are in important meetings, family members in hospitals, clients as they are healing, pets as they are recovering, and community members as they are manifesting.

Holding Space keeps a safe and sacred space around the person, group or event, and shields the “space” from intrusive energies or static. As a result you can receive guidance more clearly, heal more easily, be aware of your own inner truths more clearly, act in alignment with your intentions more naturally, take action with your personal power and integrity more readily and manifest more joyfully.

I typically hold Space remotely. Each day, I tune in and clear the Space around you, affirm your intentions and desires, and track the energies to call in what helpful for everyone involved. I will be in email or text communication with you if I need to share something important with you during that time.

How To Maintain

After Sacred Space Creation or Holding Space for you, you may wish to learn about ways to maintain the Space we have established together.

There are different requirements for creating a space, holding space, and maintaining a space. The focus in “How To Maintain” is on enabling you to continue living in the energy we have created together.

During our session, we can tune into the Space and intention once more together, and I can coach you as to how best to maintain it in a way that fits your lifestyle and personal preferences, and honors what is needed and aligned for you, the Space and everyone involved.

You may enjoy reading my eBook The Call to Spirit: 10 Ways To Create Sacred Space.

imagePlease note: Sacred Space can only be created, held or maintained with the proper permissions. Generally, if you rent, own, receive compensation to be in a space, if you have stewardship of a space, or if it is a public space, you may have permission. Prior to any work, I will tune in and ask for permission. If we do not receive permission, or if permission is granted upon condition or for a later date, I will let you know.