Seeder Training

The Seeder Training is for those in the new generation who feel their purpose, are willing to step into their purpose, and have a desire to manifest their purpose. I define “new generation” loosely as young adults between the ages 16-24. Seeders between the ages of 16 and 17 need one legal guardian who fully supports their endeavor.


LEVEL 1: Understanding & Working With Your Infrastructure

  1. Empower Your Mind
  2. Empower Your Body
  3. Empower Your Emotions
  4. Empower Your Spirit

LEVEL 2: Uplifting & Harmonizing Your Relationships

  1. Self & Nature
  2. Family & Loved Ones
  3. Community & Friends
  4. World & Stars

LEVEL 3: Stepping Into Your Personal Power

  1. Integrating The Tools That Work For You
  2. Working With Permission & Integrity
  3. Divination & Tracking Tools For Inner Guidance
  4. Healing & Transformation Ceremonies

GRADUATION CEREMONY: Receiving the Hampe Rites (Healer Rites)

The Seeder Training is offered in retreat format, typically over a 3-9 month period.

Select instructional videos and audios will be made available after completion of the training.

Each Training group will be capped at 12 participants.

What to Bring:

  • Journal and pen
  • Refillable water bottle
  • 12 stones or crystals that you already have, and a cloth or natural fiber bag in which they can be wrapped in
  • Dress comfortably and bring layers as some activities may be conducted outdoors

I will send more information before the Training.

Next Steps:

To reserve your spot for the next group, or inquire more, please email me and include your purpose and vision for the world.