The Call To Spirit:

10 Ways To Create Sacred Space

By Sara Salam

In this e-book I share with you 10 practical and easy ways to create sacred space for your every day life. Sacred space is a powerful place that we can go to relax, find solace, reconnect with nature, meditate, take time for spiritual practice, and just be in a safe place within ourselves and our soul. Read this practical guide to Sacred Space and begin tapping into possibilities and miracles.

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How One Begins:

A Story Of Loss And Transformation

By Sara Salam

In this e-book I share with you my journey of healing, transformation and empowerment after my sister’s death, utilizing tools such as self-defense and Shamanic healing. My hope is that this book serves as an anchor or inspiration for those seeking to transform areas in their life that may be or feel stuck or not quite working.

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