Community Circles

imageI provide Community events because I feel it is powerful and elevating when we connect with other like-hearted individuals in our communities.

Community can strengthen us, and help us find the courage to align our actions with our inner guidance. Coming together can assist with providing a clear path ahead and a meaningful community of support. Sometimes it is easier to walk our own path when we witness others walk theirs.

Beginning a regular spiritual or self care practice that is meaningful to you, the ability to ask questions free of judgment, being able to choose a path that is authentic and meaningful for you, and staying clear of outside interferences, dogmas and fear-based thinking, are gifts that I intend for my Community Circles to be able to offer.

I offer two types of Community events: in-person Circles and virtual Circles.

Both events are open to anyone with a sincere desire to heal, transform or empower their lives.

In-Person Circles

These are monthly, in-person gatherings with the intention to:

  • Create a safe and sacred space;
  • Restore balance to ourselves;
  • Let go of what we no longer need;
  • Energize what we desire;
  • Inspire healthy, joyful and authentic living; and
  • Connect with our local community in person.

What happens during an in-person Circle?

We begin with a small introduction of those who are there. Sharing is optional and you can opt out of sharing ~other than your name~ if you like.

Each person who attends is invited to briefly share themes and patterns they noticed over the previous month, as well as intentions and dreams for the upcoming month. This process helps us recognize collective themes and patterns that need to be cleared or healed, and intentions and dreams that can be energized and amplified.

I will then guide you on a journey, meditation, an exercise, or a ceremony that allows you to connect to your own inner truth, clearing away energetic interferences and outside influences.

After the journey, exercise or ceremony you will have time to take notes or draw, and share with others who are attending if you like.

Toward the end of the Circle, I am available to answer questions for those who have them.

Where do we meet?

Photo Oct 30, 2 03 09 AMI hold in-person Circles in any part of the world I happen to be in. Currently that is the Grater Toronto area.

When do we meet?

In-person Circles typically happen once a month, on a Saturday or Sunday. If you are interested in hosting or attending a Circle, please email me.

What to bring?

Follow the principle of Ayni or Sacred Reciprocity. Please bring a journal, pen, refillable water bottle, and a small sacred object if you have one. Come prepared to take off your shoes when we are indoors, and also with appropriate layers for the season if we work outdoors for parts of the Circle. Be ready to move as well in case we need to transform some things! Gifts via Paypal, e-transfer or cash are always welcome as well.

Each Circle is a unique creation in the moment we are together. Nothing will be recorded. Your presence makes a difference.

Virtual Circles

Despacho ceremonyVirtual Circles happen via GoogleMeet.

In these Circles I open Sacred Space Creation for you and the group collectively, clear away any interferences in our energy fields, and activate helpers and guides that are available for you in the spiritual worlds. I then will allow some times for you to receive your own guidance, and share if you like at the end of the Circle.

These Circles happen on a weekly basis and cost $150 per month per person to attend.

How do I join?

If you want to join our Virtual Circle, please email me. I will then send you more information and add you to my notification list.

If you miss the online Circle, there will be no recording. Each event is unique and attuned to the needs of those attending.