Guide Training

The Guide Training is for those who want to amplify their current qualification by adding the skill set of guiding others safely, powerfully and without interference, through meditations, and at the same time adding powerful core Shamanic Healing Journeys to their repertoire.

Who is it for?

  • Licensed psychologists
  • Licensed psychiatrists
  • Licensed clinical social workers
  • Counselors
  • Life coaches
  • Meditation teachers
  • Yoga Nidra instructors
  • Any professional who utilizes guided visualizations with groups or clients

Prerequisite: You must already have a personal meditation practice in place and have the capacity to meditate for extended periods of time.

If you are looking for journeying or meditation techniques for yourself, explore Sessions with Sara or schedule a session on her Soul Coaching site.


LEVEL 1: Journeying Fundamentals & Basic Energetic Hygiene Skills

Journeys that will be covered in Level 1 include:

  • Chakra Journey & Choices Journey
  • Guide Journey & Healer Journey
  • Power Animal Journey & Ancestor Journey

LEVEL 2: Learning to Track Others Safely, Accurately & With Permission

Journeys that will be covered in Level 2 include:

  • Shadow Parts Journeys
  • Underworld & Past Life Journey
  • Celestial Parents Journey

LEVEL 3: Guiding Others on Journeys Without Interference or Projection

Journeys that will be covered in Level 3 include:

  • Sacred Space Journey
  • Deaths Rites Journey
  • Healed Possibilities Journey

GRADUATION CEREMONY: Receiving the Mosoq Karpay Rite (Starkeeper Rite)

Note: How a professional guides a client in and out of a journey or meditation, and the guide’s ability to track accurately ~and time precisely during that process~ is an art that can be developed, must be honed, and needs to be practiced regularly if the guide intends to be of true service to the client. For all guides, I recommend mentoring sessions following the completion of the training. Frequency and intensity depend on your mastery and needs.

The Guide Training is offered in retreat format, typically over a 3-9 month period.

A recording of the journeys and select instructional videos will be made available after completion of the training.

Each Training group will be capped at 6 participants.

What to bring:

  • A journal and pens or crayons you enjoy writing with
  • Refillable water bottle and healthy snacks
  • 4 stones or crystals you would like to use for setting Sacred Space
  • Rattles, drum, chimes or bells if you use them for meditation
  • Any sacred items that you use in your meditation practice if applicable (e.g., meditation cushion, drum, rattle, tuning fork)

Do not consume alcohol, drugs, caffeine or refined sugar for 24 hours prior to the workshop or retreat. Drink plenty of water and eat healthy light foods. Hydration will be key to maintain your ability to meditate for extended periods of time. Dress comfortably and bring layers as temperatures may vary. We will include movement in our retreats.

Next Steps:

To reserve your spot for the next group, or inquire more, please email me and include your qualifications.