Private Sessions

Sessions are highly customized with the intention to bring wholeness, healing and personal power into our lives. I help you to launch powerfully on your path and step into a life of intentional creation and meaningful living. All that is required is for you to be open-minded and have a sincere desire to actively participate in the process.

There are many questions and topics that I hope to be able to assist you with, guide you to answer for yourself, or master the embodiment of, during our sessions. Here are a few examples:

  • What does it mean to live an authentic and meaningful life?
  • How do you define success?
  • How do I consciously create the life I desire to live?
  • How do you navigate life with intuition and heart?
  • How can we connect to our intuition and interpret it more accurately?
  • How do we direct the brain and understand its workings to create solutions and possibilities where there were once doubt and fear?
  • How do we heal patterns running through our family line?
  • How do we heal our own “stuff”?
  • What tools do we need to grow energetically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually?
  • What do I need to increase my emotional, mental and energetic hygiene?
  • How can we connect our own personal joy with elevating life on Earth?

To better understand in which ways Shamanic Healing, Coaching Sessions or Mentorships can be utilized, please read my Blog post “In what ways can sessions be utilized?”  or click here.

Shamanic Healing

In Shamanic Healing Sessions I use customized tools, techniques, ceremonies, and practices that are sourced from my training in Quero Shamanism, Native traditions, brainwave development, and mind-body medicines. My approach to energy medicine is clean, powerful, authentic, and safe.

Shamanic Healing can be performed on an individual, family or relationship level, and ~with proper permissions~ even on a community, large systems, country or global level. If you are, or work, at the level of membership, ownership, stewardship or leadership, healings are possible and permissible.

In a Shamanic Healing Session, you only need to be able to bring ~or be able to access~ the sensations or feeling of the topic or issue that you want to heal, transform, empower, or work with. You do not need to talk about it if you either prefer not to, or do not have the words to do so.

After the healing process, I will share with you any relevant information I have received, and suggest some home reflection or ceremonial work to complete your healing and to integrate it into your day-to-day life. After Session Reminders also help with this process.


Coaching involves helping you live in alignment with your vision, heart, and actions. It is intended for those who already have done their personal healing work or have their own self care practices in place.

My intention is to help you fully live your purpose and refine your practices so that they become increasingly skillful, authentic, specific and practical for you. Our work together has the purpose of supporting you at the beginning of, or help you with continuing to develop mastery in the art of embodying your spirit while living practically and joyfully on this Earthplane.

I particularly enjoy coaching executives and leaders in becoming a full expression of their spirit in work and life, and to bring to life their healed vision for our world.


Photo Sep 24, 11 41 27 AMMentorships combine Shamanic Healing and Coaching Sessions, and involve us working together for a minimum of 6-12 months.

Because you made a commitment to step in, I will make a commitment to you as well: During this time, we will have monthly Sessions, I will create and hold Sacred Space for you throughout, and I will be available for unlimited email and text support.

I love mentorships because they allow us to work together intensely until you embody more of your spirit, express more of your innate potential, live more authentically, and develop the art of living a worthwhile, meaningful and joyful life.

The practices and techniques you’ll learn are timeless and will be available to you for the rest of your life.

Path of Power Mentorships

Path of Power MapI also offer a Path of Power Mentorship which involves a series of 9-12 daylong sessions and can be offered in a variety of formats.

  • The Path of Power is for individuals who want to learn ways to heal, transform and empower their own lives.
  • The Path of Power For Couples is for any couple wanting to deepen their connection and bring their own spirituality meaningfully and practically into their daily lives.
  • The Path of Power For Veterans is for veterans who are currently transitioning or have recently transitioned into civilian life.

Please contact me to schedule your Shamanic Healing, Coaching or Mentorship Session.