Path of Power Trainings

Trainings are for individuals who desire to enhance and elevate their existing skill set by integrating clean, safe and powerful consciousness work into what they do professionally. The purpose is for you to offer your gifts and talents with quality, impeccability, integrity, power, authenticity and service for all involved. My Trainings are for those who already have a license or certification, or intensely work with other groups of people, or have a clear purpose and calling in life. Each training focuses on a specific role in the Luminous Community Map below. Each role, in turn, plays an essential part in shaping our world and ecosystems.

Note: You must already have a personal self care, meditation or spiritual practice in place before participating in these Trainings.

Starting in the East and going sunwise:

Guardian Training

For police officers, firefighters, coast guards, security guards, and other guardians of any kind.

Instructor Training

For certified movement, yoga, dance or martial arts instructors.

Seeder Training

For the new generation who feel their purpose, are willing to step into their purpose, and have a desire to manifest their purpose.

Activator Training

For professional artists, musicians, nature or animal communicators and earthwalkers.

Healer Training

For certified Reiki Masters, massage therapists, physical therapists, body workers, acupuncturists and chiropractors. 

Teacher Training

For certified school teachers, guidance counselors, college and university professors, and advisors.

Leader Training

For leaders of groups or organizations, heads of departments, states or countries, executive teams, team leaders, entrepreneurs, and consultants. 

Guide Training

For licensed psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, meditation teachers and Yoga Nidra teachers. 

Note: If you are looking to receive the Great Shamanic Initiation Rites, called Munay-Ki, please click here.

Not sure if or where you fit? Send me an email.