Path of Power For Couples

Bring your spirituality, ceremony and a connection into your lives and into your relationship. Begin to live a more meaningful, joyful, purposeful and connected life.

This is an intensive, personalized 9-12 part program that includes personal healing, instruction, hands-on practice, experiential exercises, and energetic initiation rites. This program is intended to be a private, safe and powerful space for your personal transformation and relationship growth. The tools you learn in the Path of Power program are practical, and intended to be applied to your everyday life. You will receive integration activities that you will be asked to complete in between sessions to deepen your connection with the Earth and facilitate the integration of the energy work into your body and mind, home and relationship.

This program is appropriate at any stage in a relationship, and can serve as a wonderful alternative or addition to pre-marital counseling. All couple types are welcome.

You will receive:

  • 9-12 half-day couple mini retreats
  • Twelve hours of individual email or phone coaching (6 hours per person)
  • All 9 sessions of the Path of Power Program, customized for you
  • Hands-on practice and experiential exercises
  • Effective tools and techniques can be applied immediately to your everyday life
  • Outdoor exploration and ceremonies to enhance your connection with each other and our Earth
  • Activities for the body and mind that will help integrate the work of each session
  • Transmission of energetic initiation rites
  • Coaching and guidance alongside your journey
  • Optional creation and activation of your own Mesa (personal, portable altar)

By participating in the POP for Couples program, you are embarking on a fabulous journey of personal healing, transformation and relationship growth that allows you to access your personal power and full potential, and be supported by the person closest to you! You will create your own path and begin to live authentically aligned with your hearts, your ceremonies, your spirituality and your dreams and visions in life. It is a profound commitment on your part that elevate you, your relationship, your families and help the well-being of our Earth.

Thank you for considering to make this commitment! I look forward to being of service to you…