The Path of Power Map

In the ancient and timeless traditions it is recognized that going through life may at times require us to learn ways to heal, transform and empower parts of our past or current experience. The Path of Power (POP) is a comprehensive journey to empower our selves, transform our fears and heal past trauma.

In the Path of Power mentorships, I merge the ancient wisdom with findings from modern science to offer you experiences, frameworks, practices and techniques that can help you create a life that is personally fulfilling, valuable, worthwhile and meaningful. The Path of Power is for those who want to learn ways to heal, transform and empower themselves, and walk away with tools, techniques and practices that they can access for the rest of their lives. In its core, it is a program for self actualization.

The Path of Power is about:

  • Gaining tools, practices and techniques that heal, transform and empower aspects of yourself and work for your day-to-day life
  • Learning ways to “do your own personal work” free of projection onto others
  • Initiating, activating your innate potential and elevating the way you walk on this earth
  • Increasingly embodying your spiritual values and helping you align your actions with your purpose

Not only is it in moments we feel stuck, notice repeated patterns or unwanted emotions, lack meaning in life or are going through a life transition or life crisis that we need tools and practices that can help us. Finding deeper meaning in life and harnessing the gifts and lessons in what’s happening are timeless treasures by which we can engage with life in a graceful and flowing way.

Through the Path of Power, we open up to new choices and options that can help us transform unwanted experiences into something more meaningful, something that has the potential of fueling our life purpose. Once we are empowered to help ourselves, it also becomes easier to ask for help when needed, knowing that options are available.

You will learn to:

  • Transform unwanted emotions, thought patterns and fears
  • Enhance your capacity to heal yourself and past traumatic events
  • Develop your own spirituality so you can empower your unique life path
  • Create healthy and sustainable relationships
  • Stay practical and pragmatic on your spiritual journey
  • Promote authenticity and self empowerment
  • Decrease your dependency on therapists or healers
  • Develop a meaningful community of support
  • Be able to understand the lessons and gifts in situations
  • Open your perception to the invisible natural world
  • Become emotionally literate
  • Step out of the fight-flight-freeze response and into the flow of life

The POP is an experiential, self referencing, and self empowering path. By actively participating in the Path of Power journey, you will know what works for you and what doesn’t, what truly elevates you and those around you, what gives you meaning and joy, what allows you to be an illuminated and authentic presence in the world, and what ultimately is aligned with your inner Truth.

The Path of Power is also available for couples and veterans, as well as in the context of self defense. To learn more, click one of the links below:

Path of Power Mentorship For Couples

Path of Power For Veterans

Path of Power For Self Defense

Please Note: The POP cannot promise you money, fame, or particular relationships. Ultimately, the POP offers ways for you to create a life that is authentic to you and in alignment with your gifts, feels meaningful and valuable to you, and is of service to the Earth at large.


The Map

The Path of Power Map resembles the form of the ancient Medicine Wheels and offers a structured way for learning ways to embody our spirit and live our purpose while elevating all we touch. It is a framework to guide you on your authentic journey.

The Map focuses on one aspect for each of the 4 Cardinal Directions:

  • East: Mind
  • South: Body
  • West: Emotions
  • North: Spirit

Each aspect has a corresponding alchemical element:

  • Mind: Air
  • Body: Earth
  • Emotions: Water
  • Spirit: Fire

Between each Cardinal Direction are our relationships with corresponding alchemical elements:

  • Southeast: Relationship with the Self (Air and Earth)
  • Southwest: Relationship with Loved Ones (Earth and Water)
  • Northwest: Relationship with Community (Water and Fire)
  • Northeast: Relationship with the World (Fire and Air)

In the Center Portal, you will see Personal Power, where everything comes together uniquely and authentically for each person traveling the Map.

Path of Power Map

The Journey

The journey begins in the East with a focus on the Mind, then travels along in a spiral fashion twice, until we reach the Center, the core of our Personal Power. The sequence is as follows:

  1. Mind | Direction: East | Alchemical Element: Air
  2. Body | Direction: South | Alchemical Element: Earth
  3. Emotions | Direction: West | Alchemical Element: Water
  4. Spirit | Direction: North | Alchemical Element: Fire
  5. Relationship with Self | Direction: South-East | Alchemical Elements: Air and Earth
  6. Relationship with Loves Ones | Direction: South-West | Alchemical Elements: Earth and Water
  7. Relationship with Community | Direction: North-West | Alchemical Elements: Water and Fire
  8. Relationship with the World | Direction: North-East | Alchemical Element: Fire and Air
  9. Personal Power Integration | Directions: Heaven and Earth | Alchemical Elements: Ether and all Elements

The 8 opposing aspects of the Map are in relationship with one another. They connect and affect one other:

  • Mind and Emotions
  • Spirit and Body
  • Self and Community
  • Loved Ones and the World

The left half and the right half, as well as the bottom half and the top half of the Map, also relate to one another., while the center holds everything in balance.

The journey can be taken more than once

As you work with the Path of Power Map, your knowledge of it will deepen and it will increasingly become a framework for you to identify root causes of situations or experiences, offering you ways to bring about healing, transformation and empowerment in your own life. My sessions and retreats do not repeat in the exact same way from time or one year to the next. Therefore, the Path of Power journey can be taken more than once, or completed over any timeframe desired. This allows you to design your own unique journey through the Path of Power Map.

Detailed Outline

East: The Mind (Element of Air)

In this retreat you will learn powerful ways to empower your mind and let go of old thought patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you. You will hear about the “4 brains” and 4 levels of perception, and how those can shift your perception of reality and how you approach situations in life. The lessons you learn will empower your mind with new information that is based in science and allow you to achieve higher levels of consciousness and problem solving abilities in your day-to-day life.

South: The Body (Element of Earth)

Many people have a love-hate or “master-slave” relationship with their bodies. In this retreat we focus on empowering the body by listening to its messages, and allowing it to release old memories of trauma, fear, and patterns that are often held in its cellular memory. Listening to, partnering with, and empowering the body are critical preparatory steps before you can truly engage and hear your inner voice, your intuition, and connect more clearly with your Spirit. By focusing on your body and your earthly Being you will be able to access tools that can shed old stories and allow you to live in harmony with your body on this Earth.

West: The Emotions (Element of Water)

Your emotions play an important role in your well being and perception of happiness. Unfortunately, many individuals do not truly understand the source of emotions and are too afraid to dig deeper. In this retreat we focus on truly getting to know and working with your emotions as messengers of alignment and enlightenment. Once you master the transformation and empowerment steps for your emotions, you will no longer be afraid to “feel bad” or constantly seek to “feel good” –instead, you will learn to notice and acknowledge emotions, and work with them as guides along the way of your Path of Power.

North: The Spirit (Element of Fire)

The spirit or soul plays an integral role in your life’s journey. What’s curious is that most people do not know the tools that can empower the soul and listen to its messages. This retreat focuses on just that goal. The soul retrieval process is one of those tools in which you learn to recover the parts of you that used to make you feel empowered, and now feel are gone. When you go through events in life that you perceive as traumatic and sad, there is a chance that parts of yourself are “splitting off”. You can recognize when a split has happened by statements such as “I no longer feel the same,” or “I don’t feel like myself anymore,” or “I feel as if part of me has died.” It is possible to recover those parts of your Soul and restore the soul to the fullness and vibrancy it once had. We focus on practices that empower and restore the soul to its full light so that you can truly reclaim your power and walk your path with integrity, joy, power, and wisdom.

Southeast: Relationship with Self (Elements of Air and Earth)

The relationship with your Self is one of the most important relationships to understand before we can become an elevated presence for others in our community. You will learn critical steps to understanding, healing, and deepening this relationship. We will offer ways of knowing the difference between self-indulgence, narcissism, and self love, and teach you ways to practice unconditional love toward your Self. The steps you learn are critical to coming into harmonious relationship with your Self and beginning to experience more peace and contentment in life.

Southwest: Relationship with Loved Ones (Elements of Earth and Water)

Relationships with one’s families are often mirrored in relationships with one’s loved ones. Here, you will clear generational imprints that no longer serve you, your loved ones, or your life mission. Diseases, patterns, and memories are often held in families and even cultural heritage. The collective memory of a people can greatly impact your personal life if left unattended. You will learn ways to clear those imprints that are not serving you, your family or loved ones. You will be able to bring honoring to your ancestors and family patterns in a loving, forgiving, and compassionate way. And you will learn how to bring healing to an entire family system with power, integrity and ethics.

Northwest: Relationship With Community (Elements of Water and Fire)

In this retreat you begin to get glimpses of your role in the community and of how you can best be of service to those surrounding you. You will discover new ways to be of service, and step beyond self-imposed boundaries and competitive thinking. Instead, you will tap into your authentic life purpose and unique gifts; you will begin to courageously align your actions with your life’s mission in service of yourself and your community.  The relationship with your community carries the element of fire and passion, and you will learn how to use this passion to fuel your soul’s journey rather than burning those you serve.

Northeast: Relationship With The World (Elements of Fire and Air)

Your relationship with the world is often a mirror of your relationship with your loved ones. Self-discovery and personal alignment are important steps before you can do your work in the world free of projections and the grip of fear. The practices you learn in this level focus on how to tap into possibilities in the midst of groups who tend to see and manifest probabilities. You will learning practices to manifesting a world of peace, free of projections and illusions. World work also deals with larger systems and institutions and the way that you may contribute to the manifestation of the very problems you are wanting to solve. It allows you to take responsibility for your parts, and bring consciousness to your projections. The tools you learn in this level allow you to shift your focus so you can envision a world of harmony, peace and abundance, and have the means to manifest it into reality. You will be able to make changes in your life that are in alignment with creating the world you desire, and learn ways to integrate the desires of the ego in service to our Earth. Ultimately, you will learn to hold a vibrational presence that allows you to sit in circle with those who envision the world to come.

Center: Personal Power (Element of Ether and all Elements combined)

At this part of your journey you learn to use your power to be of service to yourself, your family and ancestors, your community, and the world. It takes courage, alignment, and constant awareness to walk your path with power, and it is easy to use power over other people or situations.The focus of this level is walking with power –expressing your power in your life, with joy, and in service to others. The intention of this retreat is to offer you ways to pick up the mantle of your own power –adjusting, refining, and integrating the tools you have learned into a treasured and evolving toolbox that works for you.  The main goal of this retreat is to offer you ways to continue to live your life as an authentic expression of SpiritSelf –uniquely healing, transforming, and empowering any aspect of your life that may need it, and doing so with the integrity, power, joy, laughter and wisdom so that you and everyone and everything you touch is elevated.

After completing the Path of Power program

The Path of Power we activate through this journey are living energies, and they continue to evolve in harmony with humanity’s and planetary shifts as well. Planetary and universal energies keep changing, and so do the practices, techniques, and tools that are appropriate for personal alignment. I will customize the content of each retreat and session to make the Path of Power journey relevant for you in the present time.