1. Links to external books, CDs, audios and websites on the Washington DC Luminous Warrior Center’s web archive.

2. Instructional videos on my Vimeo channel. There are over 100 videos that teach about mind, body and spirit, including Krav Maga and self defense. Email me for information on how to access to the library.

3. Shamanic Journeying on my Sacred Stories Media page. There I use my spirit name Sarah Hawk. The Shamanic Journeys I offer can be purchased individually, or as part of an online Sacred Space Creation & Shamanic Journeying Course.

4. My e-Books on “10 Ways to Open Sacred Space” (is free) and my personal “Story of Transformation” are available here.

5. Articles I have written on my Blog about energy medicine, shamanic healing, coaching, and more.

6. Descriptions for healing practices, ceremonies and rituals are available for purchase and will be made available via a personal Dropbox folder. Please email me to find out more, or if you are looking for a particular ceremony or healing practice.

7. Free Audios on my Soundcloud channel. These free audios include morning and evening meditations and awareness exercises to deepen your inner journey.

8. If you prefer live support, please contact me directly.

I look forward to connecting with you!

Please note: Part of being of integrity is being able to say “no”, and being aware when one lacks the skills to help another person. Therefore, if I sense that our work together can elevate your Walk, the way you are in the world, then I will offer my services to you and say yes. If not, I will refer you to others who may be able to assist you. I have taught, coached and worked with many healers and professionals along my path, and feel confident that there will be someone who can help you.