Why care about energy?

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Energies are neither paranormal, esoteric or mystic. They may be subtle and unseen, yet they are part of our natural world. Some, our senses can perceive, some take training or time to manifest until our senses can perceive them, and others remain unavailable for us to perceive as long as our soul is manifesting a human body. Yet all energies, seen or unseen, subtle or crude, remain part of the natural world, which we are also a part of.

Some of us understand that energy permeates all of life, yet too often even that understanding remains theoretical, “esoteric”, “paranormal”, “mystical“, dogmatic or solely at the level of the mind. 

What we need is an experiential, embodied understanding of these energetic realms and how they integrate into our lives practically and noticeably. This Knowing can only be obtained through direct experience. Once you gain these experiences, you begin to create your own map to life that integrates the physical and spiritual dimensions in a way that is applicable, practical, felt, seen and noticed by you.

I am a guide on this journey to your inner map, a map that creates the outer, the experiences that you “encounter” in life. There are other guides as well that can serve you. Set your intention clearly, and then trust your inner voice to find the next step on your journey to energetic literacy, spiritual embodiment and conscious creation.

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