Video Blog: The Shift

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Following this Saturday’s Full Harvest Moon, I thought I’d post about the Shift, and my perspective about what’s happening in the world. No, leave the doomsday theories at home and instead get some basic education around the energetic shift and how it affects your biology.

We’re all going through the Shift together, some more gracefully than others. It is my hope that the entire process is going to become more graceful and educated than it currently is. The Shift has been happening for the last 30-40 years and will continue for the next 10-20 years, but it is no doubt happening. So remember, you can help your body along by learning more about your energy body, proper nutrition and mindfulness tools. All this is to help your body, heart, brain and cells get “online” faster and shed the old stories of drama and suffering. Of course, as we work more with this shift, all your “stuff” will have to come up first, so it can be cleared. So stop holding on to it and learn some basic energy medicine tools to release them sacredly. Then, the process will be so much smoother, so much more exciting, and much less dictated by fear.

Enjoy and Happy Monday!

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