The Power of Shamanic Healing

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Ever since I was a little girl I told my mother “I want to change the world.” As a 3-year-old it seemed like a lofty goal to the adults around me, but in my childlike mind, I knew the truth about what I was saying. Through my journey, I have come to realize that this is precisely what we are doing, consciously or unconsciously, every day, every moment of our lives. We ARE changing the world.

Those of you who feel called to work with me use this power of creation in a conscious, ethical, responsible, and powerful way, truly living your life aligned with your divine mission. If we are to shift the world, we need each one of you to step into your life purpose with integrity, clarity, power, and purpose.


In my quest for healing, I came in contact with many modalities such as Reiki, Psychotherapy, Healing Touch, Thought Field Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Transcendental Meditation, Mindfulness meditation and practices, brainwave development research, past life regressions, Yoga, mediumship, and so forth. You name it, I was reading it, trying it out and hoping those would be ways that could help me get back to balance.

After many years of searching, exploring and practicing, it has been and continues to be Shamanic medicine and Shamanic Healing techniques that have made the biggest impact in my life and healing process. I believe it is the power, effectiveness, and potency that Shamanic Medicine has to offer that can assist in changing the world at this time in our history.

Before I go on, I must say that every modality has its place, value and merit in its own right. This article is not about discounting one modality over the other. Instead, this article is about my personal experience and what I have come to know about the power of Shamanic medicine, and why I have a calling to share it with you. I share this now, at the turning of the times, just before 2012, which marks the end of a 26,000-year old planetary cycle. The next cycle of time referred to by many Shamans “The Coming of the Light”, and I believe that Shamanic medicine can be a powerful ally in helping our Earth, and our humanity, make this shift into the Light.


10 reasons Shamanic medicine is so powerful:

  1. The Shamanic path is a path of knowledge, personal power, ethics, and integrity. This means that everyone has the potential to be a shaman. Even though not everyone is called to do so. Being a shaman does not mean smoking herbs, looking crazy, rattling your way through the city (though you might find we do so at times). Instead, it’s very simply a path of knowledge, personal power, responsibility for all of life and all your creation.
  2. Shamans have always existed within the context of a community or village (perhaps at the edge of it, but nonetheless a part of it). It is not reserved for just a special few (on top of the mountain or in the deep jungle), and it is not removed from day-to-day life. Shamans are the bringers of wisdom, joy, and light, especially in times of darkness. As such, it can hold essential medicine for those living as part of a community (or city) with a desire for healing, transformation and self-realization.
  3. The Shamanic path is an experiential path. It is an alive and practicing medicine that must be personally experienced. Therefore it does not get stuck in dogma, belief systems, or philosophy. Instead, understanding and belief follows the experiences you are having.
  4. The Shamanic path and its medicines are inclusive. It works for people of all faiths (or no faiths) and background because it is a natural and nature-based path, and it recognizes the fundamental cellular structure of the material that creates the world.
  5. Among the shamans there are no gurus. It is a self-referencing medicine and places responsibility on your own healing work, and on the teachers to have self-realized their teachings. No true shaman will teach you something they have not personally realized. And no shaman will tell you that you are wrong. They will refer you toward your own guidance. They may disagree with you. They may guide you and help you to receive clearer guidance, divinely inspired and aligned, not cluttered by fear or other ego-led motivations. But they won’t refer to you as gurus, and they won’t tell you you’re “wrong” because shamans realize that you hold just as much power within yourself as the shaman holds within him or herself.
  6. The Shamanic path allows you to claim gifts from your shadow and demons and helps us step beyond fear. Not all paths talk about darkness and shadow, some even call it “bad”. In Shamanic medicine, the shadow is a part of life and has many gifts. Coming into honoring and balance with the shadow allows us to have mastery and alignment. For anyone seeking to create change or be a leader in the world, it is my firm belief that the ability to sit fearlessly in darkness, and to bring the gifts of the dark to the light, is an essential self-mastery tool one must have.
  7. Shamanic medicine is an embodied medicine, not one saved for retreat centers and the top of the mountains. Shamanic medicine is meant to be walked and embodied in your life. It is a practical, effective and useful medicine that you can use in your daily life. If it is abstract or theoretical it is not Shamanic medicine.
  8. Shamanic medicine is a path of heightened awareness and aligned action. Shamanic Journeying specifically is a form of meditation for people who want to take action and create change in the world. There are many forms of meditation, all of which are beneficial. However, if you are to change the world, you must be able to focus your mind and become an active player in creation. Shamanic Journeying accomplishes just that. Rather than being an observer or witness, you step into co-creation.
  9. The Shamanic path brings connection and balance to all of Life. Shamans not only set intention, they use it wisely and with the knowledge that we create for 7 generations to come. Anyone can set intention. To use it wisely is a whole other thing. This wisdom is what the Shamanic Path teaches. And not only that, the Shamanic Path acknowledges all of Life—the plants, the waters, the air, the animals, and the stones. The shaman uses the power of intention to create a world in which all life can be positively impacted for 7 generations to come.
  10. Shaman’s practices allow us to tap into parts of our brain and body that help us make the subconscious and unconscious, conscious. There are other paths that do so, but Shamanic medicine provides us specific hands-on tools to make the seemingly invisible, visible, even for those who were not “born that way”. Do you remember that saying that “the consciousness that created the problem is not going to be the consciousness that solves it”? Nowadays we can explain much of what is happening in energy healing with new findings in physics, mathematics, biology, and other fields that are catching up rapidly with what is happening in so-called “miracle” healings. However, “A miracle is only a miracle until we understand the technology behind it…” as Gregg Braden phrased so accurately. Explaining how something works (using the neo-cortex) still does not allow you to tap into the parts of the brain (the prefrontal lobes) that help you experience enlightened states in your life. Shamanic healing allows us to look at the world in new ways, opening up cerebral pathways and creating new neuro-pathways to other parts of the brain that can solve problems our conscious mind cannot solve. Shamanic healing provides a whole new world of possibilities and problem solving opportunities and literally makes new connections in your brain. What’s best, you can keep these connections open in daily life, not just in meditation.

Becoming a powerful shaman does not necessarily mean you will be working with clients or opening a retreat center. It means living your life with purpose, fulfilling your mission in life, sharing your Light openly, and being able to have integrity, choice, and alignment even in the midst of crisis. It means sharing your gifts in service of the world, and making an impact on all you touch. It means walking a path of knowledge and power and using that power wisely, and with ethics and integrity.

For those of you who want to truly make a difference in the world, I invite you to join my Mentorship or trainings. If you want to step into the next 26,000 year cycle as powerful medicine woman or man among your families and communities, impacting the world in a healthy and illuminating way, take the courage and step in now. We need you to share your Light and your gifts fully if we are to shift the world.

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