Sara_top_06Because of my range in experiences, seminars I teach vary depending on need. The topics below are some of the common seminars I have taught at groups and organizations over the years:

  • Compassion Fatigue Awareness & Prevention
  • Sexual Assault Awareness & Risk Reduction
  • Emotional Self Care
  • Personal Safety & Self Defense
  • Healing Trauma & Meditation
  • Work Life Balance & Onboarding

If you need more details about these topics, please email me. If you have a different need, please ask.

A Note On Emotional Self Care:

Emotional stress, when not addressed, can accumulate and lead to burnout, compassion fatigue, panic attacks or depression. Emotions affect employee productivity, communication and health.

Emotional self care skills, when applied effectively, can significantly improve employee productivity, effectiveness, health and even lead to higher levels of satisfaction at the job. It can also foster a healthier work environment, team work, and a culture of authenticity and cooperation.

The tools I teach are simple and effective, and can be applied immediately at the job. Even just one seminar is enough to begin the process of teaching your employees ways to address emotional stress.

Employees learn:

  • How to conduct a proper self care check
  • Ways to acknowledge and express emotions appropriately
  • Techniques to transform or dissolve unwanted emotions
  • How to communicate without using blame or guilt
  • Skills to amplify desired personal emotional states
  • Ways to engage the brain to enhance productivity and emotional stamina
  • Frameworks that foster a culture of authenticity and cooperation
  • Ways to apply learned frameworks and skills in practical ways at work
Emotional Self Care Seminars are particularly effective for…

Employees who:

  • Feel significant amounts of pressure or stress
  • Have to be able to work effectively in teams
  • Work with trauma populations
  • Live in or travel to hostile or volatile environments
  • Have a desire to improve their emotional literacy and resilience

Organizations that:

  • Recognize the importance of employees’ emotional states and the effect they have on work environment, communication, productivity and employee well-being
  • Are open to innovative ways of addressing emotions in the workplace
  • Are open to simple ways to elevate the experience their employees have at work
  • Seek to a cooperative environment in which harmony, productivity, effectiveness and teamwork are prevalent
  • Have management, supervisors and leaders who are willing to engage in this process with their employees

Organizations I have supported include:

  • Global Journalist Security
  • Witness
  • United States Institute of Peace
  • Amnesty International
  • Georgetown University
  • Polaris Project
  • DC Rape Crisis Center
  • Collective Action for Safe Spaces
  • DC Coalition Against Domestic Violence
  • Trinity College
  • Population Services International
  • CommunityRed
  • Yui Company
  • The Foodie Alchemist
  • Teal Center for Healing
  • Smith Center for Healing
  • DC Time Bank
  • Executive Offices of the President