In what ways can Sessions be utilized?

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I often receive questions about ways that individuals can work with me. The purpose of any session is to help you tap into your own inner truth, power and guidance; clear blockages so you can follow your own path; replenish your mind, body and soul so you can more easily embody your spirit; and help you feel empowered in life so you can lie your purpose.

In my sessions I use a combination of techniques that are most effective for you, your goals, and the topics that you are working on. This list below offers an opportunity for you to learn more about some of these areas of expertise.

Foundational Energy Medicine


If you seek to increase your inner awareness, more accurately interpret the intuitive guidance you receive, connect with your own intuitive signals, increase your ability to perceive the world inside and around you, coaching can help. I recommend 3-6 sessions to experience some measurable results. Monthly sessions if you have the time and budget. It helps if you have the time to practice the awareness and intuition exercises you learn in between sessions.


Some individuals work intensely in dream time, yet are not sure what the dreams may mean, how to work with them, program them, deepen them, receive clearer guidance through them, or even just how to interpret and understand them. It is possible to program dreams, heal in or through dreams, and ask for specific guidance and solutions in and during dreamtime.

We will work together to help you understand your dreams and the way your spirit speaks to you through dreamtime. You will learn how your subconscious and unconscious mind solve issues on your behalf in dreamtime, and how to tell the difference between all the layers of messages, symbols and metaphors the universe uses in your dreams to get messages through.

Expand and refine your interpretation skills, and begin to work with dreams ~if you desire~ at a deeper and refined level. Depending on your goals and intentions, we will begin to work together so you can bring the wisdom, magic and power of dream time into your conscious experience.


Basic energetic hygiene can help anyone, especially highly sensitive individuals, to function more easily and naturally in society.

Learn how to:

  • Keep your energy field and chakras clean
  • Open and close chakras when appropriate for the environment
  • Set proper energetic boundaries
  • Cleanse yourself from other people’s energies
  • Protect and shield yourself from energies that are not yours
  • Safety transform your own unhealed energies without unloading them onto others

Creating Sacred Space and Setting Intention are fundamental steps prior to embarking on any spiritual practice or important project. There are many ways to create Sacred Space for various situations; however, a basic understanding of how Sacred Space is created and felt is fundamental for anyone desiring to live more consciously and authentically. Sacred Space and Intention can change depending on circumstance, situation, or personal resonance. Learning how to create Sacred Space, set intention, and develop artistry in the process is the focus of these sessions.

The purpose of these sessions is to teach you how to create and set your own Sacred Space. If you prefer for me to create Sacred Space and Intention for you ~or hold that Space for you~ please refer to my Sacred Space offerings.

You may also be interested in my e-book The Call To Spirit: 10 Ways To Create Scared Space.


Essential Oils are the pharmaceuticals of the plant world. When you learn to use them properly, they can be inhaled, used topically, ingested, and diffused to bring about physical and emotional health. Essential oils work effectively to heal the body, transform the mind, and empower the spirit. I will help you to use them in your life to improve your health and well-being.


Stones and crystals hold energy for billions of years. This energy can be harnessed by intentionally working with stones and crystals in ways that are healing and elevating for you and everyone involved. If you would like to work with stones and crystals for healing and transformation, and if you are even considering creating your own “Medicine Bundle” or “Mesa” with stones and crystals, this is a journey we can embark on together.

These sessions include and are not limited to:

  • Listening and speaking to stones and crystals
  • Cleansing and energizing stones and crystals
  • Harnessing the wisdom of stones and crystals
  • Amplifying stones and crystals with your intentions
  • Using stones and crystals for healing, transformation, and manifestation
  • Building your own medicine bundle or “Mesa”
  • Deepening your work with your existing Mesa

Shamanic Journeying 

Shamanic Journeying is a guided meditation technique that works particularly well for the active mind or for those who have difficulties stilling their minds. It is a guided meditation technique that is specifically designed for alignment of actions with intuitive guidance. It is easy to learn and a powerful tool for those seeking a meditation practice. Shamanic Journeying has a profound impact not only on your emotional well-being, but also in the way we live our lives.

Shamanic Journeying sessions are intended to teach you how to journey for yourself. You will learn journeys that can help you access your subconscious and even the unconscious mind to create deep healing, transformation, and empowerment. These journeys, or maps to your soul, will be available to you for the rest of your life.

Shamanic Journeying will allow you to:

  • Transform long-standing unwanted patterns
  • Bring clarity and authenticity to your decisions
  • Empower your life purpose
  • Initiate and activate your own power to heal
  • Create integrated solutions for your life
  • Become aware of spiritual support that is available to you

While Shamanic Journeying sessions can be done individually, some individuals enjoy embarking on the learning process in a small group of 2-6 individuals via daylong or half-day retreats. Working in small groups can:

  • Amplify the experience because it can be shared
  • Be more easily integrated into one’s life if others are practicing it too
  • Reduce cost as you share the investment among the group

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing works on the level of the soul and the energy field. Shamanic Healing goes to the root cause of a symptom or desire, and changes the energetic blueprint that creates the unwanted or wanted behavioral, emotional, mental, physical or relational manifestation in your life.

Shamanic Healing sessions can help on many levels, including:

  • Physical: clear energetic imprints that could manifest physically in the future and supporting the healing process for of chronic dis-eases
  • Mental/Emotional: healing the feelings of depression, easing symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, helping develop healthy responses to stress or negative thought patterns.
  • Relationships: healing personal or family patterns, helping to create and maintain healthy boundaries, easing relationship transitions, improving the connection to nature and the Self.
  • Spiritual/Soul: healing not feeling like oneself, supporting the desire to become whole, finding meaning in life, searching for one’s soul purpose, or finding greater inner peace.

In a Shamanic Healing Session, you will discuss a theme, pattern or issue you would like to heal, transform or empower. These can extend to personal, family, ancestral, cultural, collective themes, and include behavioral, mental, emotional, or physical patterns. If you prefer not to speak about the issue, pattern or theme, this is possible. As long as you can access and bring the feeling associated with it, we can work together.

Shamanic Healing techniques can include:

  • Aura Cleansing and Balancing
  • Chakra Illuminations
  • Cord Cutting
  • Energy Extractions
  • Soul Retrievals
  • Destiny Retrievals
Below is a small description of each of these Shamanic Healing techniques:

The energy around our physical bodies has 7 layers, including the physical, emotional, mental, astral and spiritual layers. These layers need repairing, cleansing, and balancing from time to time so that you can feel balanced and energized in life. Clearing the layers can be a profound experience, one that can even clear unconscious or subconscious patterns in your life that no longer serve you.

Aura Cleansing focuses on clearing the energy around the body. It is helpful to get an Aura Clearing and Balancing done at least quarterly. I can also teach you how to cleans your aura on a daily or weekly basis so you can maintain you energetic field with more ease.


Chakra Illuminations remove heavy energy from your Chakra walls and turns them into light. Chakras are energy centers or vortexes of energy in your body that connect the information around your physical body to your spine inside your body, and from the spine to your sensory organs, brain and nervous system. An illumination will help your energetic, emotional, mental and your physical bodies to remain healthy and vibrant.

Chakra Illumination focuses on clearing the energy that goes into the body. It is recommended that you get a Chakra Clearing at least quarterly.


Cord cutting can be an effective way to remove unwanted and unhealthy energy drain from your body, as well as remove unhealthy connections to habits, relationships, situations and patterns in your life. Cord cutting can be a profound healing especially after loved ones have died or relationships have ended. It allows you to source from pure and divine energy instead of being corded to someone or something else, loosing your energy to others or situations, or draining someone else of their energy.


Energy Extractions can help remove energy that does not belong to you. When we go through life, foreign energies can sometimes attach to us. This often manifests in a feeling of not being yourself, or not acting like yourself. Sometimes, foreign energies come in with us through generational or cultural trauma (think of cultural genocide, family issues and patterns, or personal trauma or an experience of an assault).

Energy extractions are extremely powerful. They can remove energies not belonging to you and return those energies to their rightful place in nature. Sometimes Energy Extractions need to be followed up with a Soul Retrieval, depending on the magnitude of the trauma or issue. Sometimes, the energy extraction alone can get you unstuck and feeling like yourself again.


When we experience personal, generational or collective trauma, parts of our energy can split off and go into hiding, which is often referred to as “soul loss” or “energy loss”. A soul retrieval can bring as much healing in one session as psychotherapy can take in many years. The need for soul retrievals is much more common than you might think. If you feel that part of you has been lost or died (through an event or a relationship), a soul retrieval can bring back those parts of you that you miss, and help you become whole again.

A Shaman retrieves the quanta of energy that has split off during trauma. Once retrieved, the Shaman brings the energy back into the person’s energy field through the Chakra System.


Energy Extractions and Soul Retrievals are profound. I recommends them for anyone who has experienced trauma (e.g., mugging, rape, sexual assault, long-term relationships loss, loss of children or loved ones, miscarriages, abortions, verbal abuse etc.). Please note that significant self care is required after any Soul Retrieval or Energy Extraction. I will provide you with more detailed information at the session. I recommended that you allocate at least 30 minutes of self care daily for 2 weeks following an extraction or soul retrieval. 


One of the advanced Medicine Practices is Destiny Retrieval. Destiny Retrievals allow us to bring parts of our Healed Self into our consciousness, present physical bodies and experience. By retrieving a quantum of energy of one of your highest possible destinies, it becomes more probable that you embody this Healed Self and live a life aligned with your purpose.

These sessions are immense shifts in energy and your life, so unless you are absolutely certain you need a destiny retrieval, I recommend you do at least a few chakra illuminations, soul retrievals and extractions before moving on to destiny retrieval. If you have been practicing for a while and have the feeling that you are completely healed with past issues, then Destiny Retrieval may be the missing piece that can powerfully propel you forward into living your divine purpose.

Ancestral Healings

Ancestral and family healings are for situations in which systems are impacted by or can benefit from working together to create a supportive, healing environment for everyone involved.

Examples include:

  • Working with and supporting the gifts of highly sensitive children
  • Healing generational patterns of addiction or chronic illness
  • Clearing family curses
  • Reviewing and renewing family soul contracts
  • Creating a family environment in which intuition can thrive
  • Transitioning earthbound spirits in the home or around families
  • Coaching family members when an individual is going through significant personal change, illness, or healing

For ancestral and family healings to be effective, not all members of the family have to be present. We will work with those individuals who would like to participate in the healing and from whom we have permission.

Distant Healing Sessions

Distant Healing Sessions are powerful, simple and straight forward. This type of healing session is for those who are familiar with energy medicine. I offer Distant Healings at a reduce price schedule and the process is as follows:

Step 1. You will send me an email with what you would like her to heal, transform or check in on for you.

Step 2. I will send you an email with “yes” or “no” to the distant healing session depending on the guidance I receive. If I get a “no”, I will recommend an alternative course of action (e.g., working with another practitioner, an in-person session, etc.). If my guidance for the distant healing session is a “yes” I will then send you a link with payment information.

Step 3. Once you provide payment, I will perform the healing session and email you back with what I did, what I found, and what I recommend you do to integrate the healing into your life. My email to you will usually happen within 3 business days of your request, occasionally longer.

Step 4. You may email me 1 time with follow up or clarifying questions about the issues you healed or what I did. Any new issue you would like me to heal, or more than 1 follow up email will require you to schedule a new session.


Healing With Self Defense

Self defense training can be used to clear past trauma and help you heal from a traumatic event (e.g., mugging, rape, assault, harassment). This is one of me favorite ways to engage with self defense ~using it as a way to heal personal and collective trauma from your energetic imprint.

Psychosomatic healing can be profound in easing symptoms of PTSD and grief from past traumatic events. I combining self defense movements with energy medicine to help you heal the trauma that you are experiencing and give you the tools you need to effectively clear the imprints that may have resulted from past events.

The combination of physical self defense movements, emotional healing tools, and ceremonies presents a comprehensive approach to healing after an attack, and helps you regain your personal power in life.

I uses a combination of physical self defense movements and Shamanic Healing techniques to help you:

  • Release psychosomatic and energetic imprints created by an event
  • Transform fears and triggers connected to a traumatic event
  • Retrieve the parts of your soul that you feel you may have lost due to trauma
  • Gain the confidence and skills to defend yourself in a similar situation
  • Learn tools and techniques to continue your healing journey

Often, 1 session is enough to heal from a traumatic event. At times it can take up to 3 sessions.

The closer to the traumatic event you book the session, the easier it is to clear the trauma. I had once client who saw me 1 week after being violently assaulted ~after she had made sure that she was physically ok and the reports had been filed. Within 1 week after the session we had she was back to work and even training in self defense with no signs of trauma. Of course the journey is unique for everyone. I am simply pointing out that while healing can take time, it does not have to take time. Healing can ~at times~ happen in an instance.

Personal Safety

Personal safety is an important skill for those concerned about, living in, traveling to, or operating in crime-prone environments and are seeking ways to reduce their risks and exposure to threats.

Personal safety includes the following techniques:

  • Internal and external awareness
  • Risk reduction
  • De-escalation
  • Avoidance
  • Escape

Personal safety skills and techniques can be applied to the following environments:

  • Home
  • Work
  • Commuting
  • Traveling
  • Living in foreign countries

Not all existing threats necessarily pose risks to you, your family or your group. I focus on scenarios and environment that are relevant to you or the group you are working with.

Self Defense Coaching

Self Defense Coaching is tailored and customized to address scenarios that are relevant for a specific group or family. I cover a wide variety of topics in self defense coaching.

For beginners, families and those interested in de-escalation and avoidance techniques:

  • Building internal and external awareness for threat detection
  • De-escalation and avoidance techniques
  • Safety plan development
  • Risk reduction in the home, at work, or when commuting
  • Physical empowerment training
  • Low impact avoidance, escape and de-escalation techniques

For those already experienced and practicing self defense:

  • Refining self defense and fighting techniques
  • Belt or level test preparation
  • Scenario-based training for environments and circumstances that are most relevant

For those who have experienced trauma:

  • Physical self defense tools that dislodge the psycho-somatic imprint of the trauma
  • Shamanic Healing techniques and self-healing tools that transform triggers and fears
  • Physical combative techniques that empower the individual and group

For Krav Maga instructors:

  • Refining their verbal and physical teaching skills
  • Instructor test preparation
  • Ways to deal with students who have been bullied or traumatized
  • Incorporating mind-body awareness techniques into their training

 Conscious Business Coaching

Whether you already have a business and seek to integrate energy medicine into more intentional business alignment, or create a healthy and inspiring work environment for your employees, I can provide clear guidance and professional advice to help move your business path forward. I am particularly interested in helping new businesses develop a sustainable, powerful and clear mission, vision, intention and purpose. I am equally passionate about helping established businesses bring effective energetic practices into their daily interactions and work environments.

Ceremonies and Blessings

Ceremonies and blessings are for transitions in life that you want to mark, celebrate, honor, acknowledge, or move through consciously. 

They allow us to:

  • Heal what is in the past
  • Claim the gifts and lessons in what is occurring
  • Close the doors we need to close so we can become more fully present
  • Create Sacred Space and set clear intentions for what is to come

Ceremonies and blessings are appropriate for any personally meaningful life event and can include beginnings, transitions and endings of any kind.

For example:

  • Birthdays, name changes, gender changes, coming of age events
  • Bachelor degrees, doctorate degrees, new jobs, promotions
  • Anniversaries, weddings, separations, cohabitation
  • Births, deaths, illnesses, or healings of individuals, relationships or pets
  • Home or office relocations, purchases, sales, or moves
  • Job endings, transitions or beginnings

Ceremonies and blessings can be done privately; however, they often are amplified if conducted in a supportive group, family or community. In some cases, events that are important to us are not recognized by our family, religion, society, or culture. Therefore, taking the time to conduct ceremonies and blessings allows us to mark life events that are meaningful for us personally, whether or not they are recognized elsewhere.

There are countless ceremonies and blessings. Below are three common categories in which many ceremonies and blessings can fall:


Life transitions can range from house clearings, divorce, death, and conscious dying ceremonies; to new job, new baby, new relationship status, new home, and new living situation ceremonies; and a host of other transitional life events. Ceremonies allow you to heal relationships, gain the gifts from what is past, and come into alignment and wholeness again. They provide a chance to heal what needs to heal, speak what was unspoken, and ask for what you desire.

Ceremonies can range from traditional Despacho Ceremonies or Fire Ceremonies, to sacred journeys and guided ceremonies in specific sacred places of Nature. Each ceremony is unique to you and the topic that you wish to do a ceremony for. Sometimes these can be accomplished in one session, at other times these ceremonies require travel, or can even last up to an entire day. Ceremonies are certainly powerful and they can help you go through life with increased grace, beauty, peace, and appreciation.


The power of Blessings is highly underestimated and easily dismissed. I offer Blessings through my Mesa, a Medicine Bundle blessed by my teachers, the Quero, and Shaman of my Shamanic Medicine Lineage.

Blessings can be asked for anything in life: a new endeavor, relationship, or even just an upcoming decision, a hospital visit, an upcoming lawsuit or an array of other topics.

If you are in need of a blessing, you will know. I conduct blessings free of charge, but the conversation and intuitive guidance I receives and transmit is what I charge for in this session.


Energy Transmissions and other Energy Activations reconnect us with the natural world, seen and unseen, and thereby attune us to our divine nature. Each transmission or activation is powerful and propels us forward into our evolved vibrations as a human being. Transmissions and activations can accelerate your own spiritual path, upgrade your DNA and physical structure, and remind you of your place in the universe. Changes in perception and lifestyle can often be a result of the unfolding energy of the transmission.

Energy Activations can be transmitted multiple times because as you evolve, more refined aspects of the energy can anchor and settle in your physical body and manifest consciously in your life. Likewise, as planetary alignments shift, so does the energy download that is transmitted. Therefore, whether you are receiving the transmission or activation for the first time, or for the 10th time, each experience is unique, powerful and helpful for embodying your spirit, living your purpose, and manifesting your path.

Conscious Dying

Sara is trained in death and dying ceremonies and rituals.

Conscious Dying ceremonies and rituals consists of several steps including:

  1. Life review
  2. Recapitulation and Forgiveness
  3. 7 Chakra Cleanse
  4. Death Spiral (the dislodging of the 7 chakras from the body)
  5. Ceremony and Ritual 

Conscious Dying ceremonies and rituals are helpful for individuals, couples, and families who:

  • Are afraid of death
  • Going through the dying process
  • Would like to provide a loved one with assistance in the dying process
  • Would like to let go of the fear of death so they can live more joyfully now

I can take you through these ceremonies or teach you and your loved ones how to perform these ceremonies for a loved one.

Please Note: There are many paths and maps for the afterlife. All are valid in their own right. I follow the protocol from my teachers of the Shamanic Medicine Lineage when it comes to death and dying. You can read more about it at

Programs for Couples


It can be helpful for a couple or a group of friends to learn how to perform a proper and safe chakra illumination for each other. Not only can this deepen your connection, it can also save you some money.

Chakra Illuminations remove heavy energy from your Chakra walls and turns them into light. Chakras are energy centers or vortexes of energy in your body that connect the information around your physical body to your spine inside your body, and from the spine to your sensory organs and nervous system. An illumination will help your energetic, emotional, mental AND your physical bodies to remain healthy and vibrant. It is recommended that you get a Chakra Clearing at least quarterly.

Read more abut the Chakra Illumination Class for Couples.


This is an intensive, personalized 9-12 part program that includes personal healing, instruction, hands-on practice, experiential exercises and energetic initiation rites. This program is intended to be a private, safe and powerful space for your relationship deepening and growth. The tools you learn in the the Path Of Power Mentorship program are practical, and intended to be applied to your everyday life.

All (types of) couples who are in a committed long-term relationship are welcome to embark on this journey. Read more here.

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