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And finally there it is. “60 Minutes”, a television news magazine, confirms what many have known for YEARS.  The placebo effect is AS EFFECTIVE as taking antidepressant drugs. Yes, YOU have the power to heal. The power always lies within you. It is not that pharmaceuticals are bad or “traditional”, “conventional” methods of healing are “bad”. It’s about what works for you. And if you’ve been using tools and your condition is not working, perhaps it’s time for some new tools.

Step on your personal Path of Power with me this spring where I share the tools that helped me heal myself from grief, PTSD, depression, and suicidal thoughts to a life of purpose and joy. It does not have to take time. Sometimes it does take time, but it does not have to. What a Path of Power does however require is the courage for you to finally tap into your power within.

To find the tools that work for you, it is key that you find easy-to-learn and practical ways that address the integration of body, mind and spirit in your everyday life. The issue that I have been noticing is that there are very few who truly teach tools for the spirit.  I offer Path of Power mentorships to address exactly that problem. Not only does the program include tools for your body, mind, and emotions, it also teaches you practical tools for your spirit, for the energy, the consciousness, that is as much part of you as the rest.  In 9 individual sessions, the Path of Power mentorship teaches you lessons, techniques, practices and tools that can heal and strengthen you physically, bring balance and power to your emotions, increase your mental stability and focus, and help you find YOUR way of connecting with your spirit and life larger than you. Contact me to find out more.

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