Feminine and Masculine Energies

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I want to talk a little bit about feminine and masculine, female and male, women and men, and the confusion that often exists between these terms and energies.

Remember that what I am saying here is not based on words. I am simply using words to be specific about what I am talking about. Whether you say “male” when you mean “masculine energy” or “women” when you refer to people of the female gender it is up to you. I am going to talk about these words and energies the way they make sense to me and the way they have presented themselves to me.

There are men and there are women. To me, these terms refer to individuals who have the female gender or identify with the female gender, and people who have the male gender or identify with the male gender. There is also male and female, which are the adjectives used to describe men and women. So again, these terms refer to the genders of a person or the identification with a gender.

Masculine and feminine, however, are adjectives used to describe energies or behaviors that are associated with characteristics of a masculine or feminine nature. These adjectives have very little to do with the actual gender of a person. We all have feminine energies and masculine energies, and they are helpful in different ways, and in different situations.

Often times, in our society we think of masculine as macho, controlling, aggressive, etc. and of feminine as wimpy, weak, and catty. While these characteristics are true of each masculine and feminine, they only describe the dark energies of each. The light masculine energies include the energies of protection, giving, support, and doing. Yes, GIVING, is not a feminine energy, it is a masculine energy! Light feminine energies include those of nurturing, receiving, and being.

In general, we need the qualities of both energies. There are times where we want to do, give, and be active. And there are times when it is more helpful to be receptive and nurturing. If we give all the time, we can get depleted. If we are simply being all the time, we won’t get much done! We all need both masculine and feminine energies. We need to engage in both in order to be balanced.

Warrior men, if you think that receiving, nurturing, and being is only for the ladies, you are missing out on some very important parts of your life! How are you nurturing your dreams? How are you receiving information from others and Spirit, including your higher self? And ladies, I just want to say that many of you believe that giving is such an honorable feminine trait. In fact, it is masculine!

If you are only giving and doing, you are neglecting your feminine side. When are you allowing yourself to just be and to receive? When is the last time you said, “don’t worry about it” when your significant other offered to make you tea? It has been my experience and tracking that what many women are lacking in these times is the ability to receive and to be. And men are lacking the same abilities. As a society, we tend to be more masculine in energy, and often not even the light masculine!

I often picture the light masculine energy as an unconditionally supportive, protective, enabling energy. This energy doesn’t DO anything for me, but it enables me to feel safe, secure, and supported in going after my dreams. It’s like the energy who watches over me. Like spirit, the divine masculine heavens and is supportive in what I want to do, without stepping in to do it for me. It’s the energy that says, “Here is $50,000. Go and do your dreams. I will be supporting and protecting you all along the way.”

Allow me to provide you some suggestions on how each of you can bring in more of both, the feminine and masculine into your life. By doing so, you are also becoming less dependent on others to provide these energies for you. You can nurture them yourself. I hope that these suggestions are helpful. If you have additional ideas, I am always eager to hear them. Just send me an email!

Five simple ways to engage the light masculine energies:

Give something freely, without expecting anything in return. This can be volunteer work, your time, your attention, a gift, or even money.

Support your loved ones unconditionally. This means being non-judgmental in support of one of their dreams. Don’t think about the implications.

Offer protection to someone. This does not mean stepping on the triangle of disempowerment and rescuing someone. It simply means sending a huge protective light over and around them. I often picture this as white or golden light, sometimes with purple and green in it that surrounds my loved ones, my clients, and the world.

Do something you enjoy. This can include working out, going for a walk, riding your bike, or writing in your journal. Any activity that you enjoy that requires “doing” will work for these purposes.

Step into the divine masculine energy on behalf of someone else. Picture yourself as unconditionally supportive, enabling (financially or otherwise), protective and giving for that person. Maybe it’s a dream or a wish they have. Without telling them what to do, just give them the support, protection and energy they need. Then watch over them as they do their work without stepping in and telling them what to do or how to do it Divine masculine energy honors free choice. This is often the part that some women have a hard time with. They want to step in because they feel they know what’s best. That is nurturing, doing something for someone. There is nothing wrong with it as long as it’s invited by the other person, but it is not masculine energy. It is the feminine energy you are engaging.

Five simple ways to engage the light feminine energies:

Simply receive. Whether it is a massage, a healing, sitting in sacred space and doing nothing, or laying down and just noticing the energy, simply allow yourself to receive.

Say “yes” the next time someone offers to do something for you. Allow yourself to receive and be nurtured! And don’t step in to “fix” it if they don’t do it “right.” For example, if your child offers to fold laundry or do the dishes, don’t say yes, and then go back and rearrange the stuff or refold it. Simply receive what they are giving!

Be nurturing. Step in to help when someone is having a hard time doing something. Do it for them! This is the nurturing energy that feeds babies, enables a mother to lift a car off a child, and allows you to step in for someone if they are unable to help themselves.

Engage your creativity. Dress up, draw, paint, dance, sing, however you want to engage your creativity, do it!

Nurture your body. Take a bath, eat healthy foods, rub essential oils on your skin. Simply engage the senses and nurture your body in a way that feels good to you.


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