Sacred Space Creation & Private Sessions

$250 per person per hour

Chakra Illumination Class

$1,000 per class (2-4 individuals)

Path of Power Trainings

$2,000 per person per level

$6,000 per person per training*

*Plus travel and lodging where applicable

Community Circles

Weekly Zoom Circle: $150 per month

Monthly In-Person Circle: Free**

**I request a small offering in Ayni for our host. Usually this can include flowers, a candle, fresh herbs or fruit, or something else that the host may enjoy and is harmonious with our Earth.

Sabrina Spirit Exchangers

I do offer my services in exchange for those who have worked with me and are committed on their path. You can read more about Sabrina Spirit Exchangers, what they are and who they are for, here.


If you feel inspired to offer a gift, you can do so via the PayPal Friends & Family option.