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Over the years, many have expressed an interest in having a conversation with me about different topics, so I wanted to find an easy way to share with you some of my thoughts and perspectives, answers to your questions, as well as my own “inner” conversations.

Sabrina, Kiki and Sara on MBA Graduation Day.

This is where my friend Kiki comes in.

Kiki and I met in the Georgetown MBA program. Having met at the bus stop the first day of class, we quickly learned that we both had a passion for food and dancing. Over the years, our friendship has grown to include a passion for wellness and healing.

Kiki is one of the Sabrina Spirit Exchangers ~currently, she is helping me bring the Conversations to all of you!

Sara & Kiki in 2012.

Sara & Kiki in 2012.

As you browse the topics of the Blog, you will see posts from me and posts from Kiki. Kiki will typically write the posts in Q&A style.

May our Conversations spark your own inner dialog and depth of heart, inspire you to become aware of your own current truths and perspectives, open your minds and hearts to others’ perspectives, and invite you to join in our Conversations ~be it via comments, questions, or inner reflections.

Of course, perspectives and thoughts change as we experience growth and evolution. This is the reason I hope to continue our Conversations, so that we may all grow and evolve personally and collectively, and develop an increasingly compassionate and inclusive way of living that benefits of all of life.

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