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Happy Spring Equinox! What a great year it’s been so far. The energies are moving, guiding and, at times, pushing us toward our greatest potential. Some of us experience this as an exciting flow of events. Others perceive it as a difficult time to navigate. Our bodies are responding and our minds are trying to make sense of it all.

As opposed to the hype and drama that many place on current events (mercury retrograde, the year 2012, the leap year, solar flares, Spring Equinox and the New Moon), I would like to offer a different perspective.

Mercury Retrograde:

A week ago, one of my teachers, Alberto Villoldo, said about this Mecury Retrograde cycle: “We enter three weeks of a slow flow. Revisit, release, reflect, realign, and heal the past. This Mercury Retrograde holds an amazing energy for healing the heart, increasing clarity, and efficiency.”

Spring Equinox: 

Alberto Villoldo also said “The Equinox is a time when the light and the dark is in balance. The veils are thin, clarity is easily accessible, and reflection time is required.”

New Moon: 

We are also coming up on a New Moon this Thursday. New Moons are a great time to reflect on and call in what we would like to personally manifest in our lives.

Solar Flares: 

It has now been scientiffically proven that we can change our DNA by the way we think and feel, that our internal environment, to a large extent, determines what parts of our DNA get “activated”. We also know that we can tap into more than just 10% of our brains to manifest healing for ourselves, and the world. Therefore, in my opinions, the hype about radiation and solar flares is really not that big of a deal. You can change your DNA in a way that these rays are more helpful than harmful for you.

The End of Time and the Year 2012: 

Mayans and other indigenous cultures call this year the end of time, or the turning of time. I have written about this before, but it is important to remember that what they are talking about is the coming of the Light, where we as a species evolve from homo sapien into homo luminous. We are in midst of an evolutionary consciousness shift!

What does it all mean?

I am sharing these events and quotes here because these resonate with my inner being more than what I have heard many others say about the recent cycles of Mercury Retrograde, Leap Year, 2012, the Spring Equinox and the New Moon. These are all good reminders to stay out of the drama and instead tap into the universal flow of energy that is available for everyone at this time for personal healing and authentic manifestation work.

All the drama around is a great reminder to be mindful of what you expose your mind to, and to choose to use thepower you have within to tranform the energies that you are experiencing (as thoughts, feelings, patterns, relationships, situations and actions) into energies (thoughts, feelings, patterns, relationships, situations and actions) that you desire and seek, and that are helpful and healing for you and everyone around you.

In short, the next few weeks are a time of deep inner reflection that can provide great clarity, healing the heart and the past, and an opportunity to bring in what you would like to manifest this year. All it requires is the courage to retreat into the Self and the discipline to do your own personal work.

If you need help, you can find people who are willing to help. In today’s environment, there are many individuals who offer new and effective ways to help you discover your own inner strength and truth. I have provided some tips on how to choose a healer, mentor or life coach in my previous posts (click here for Part I and Part II). Feel free to check them out!

Luminous Warrior Community — Sanctuary and Oasis in the City

If you want to go beyond individual sessions, isolated approaches or reading books, join a community of support such as the Circles I offer. Circles can be a place that can help you understand how the heart meets the practical, how the spiritual manifests in the physical, and increases your capacity and capability to effectively manage and integrate global energies and events into your personal life. I hope you join me the next time you get a chance! And if you can’t join us, I hope you make a commitment this Spring to fuel, nurture and support your own journey, and surround yourself with a community who supports you too.

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