Sabrina Spirit

“Es gibt immer eine Lösung.” ~Sabrina Curow Salam, Ph.D.

“There is always a solution.” ~Sabrina Curow Salam, Ph.D.

This quote often rings in my ear when I think of my sister Sabrina. She used to say it to me whenever I felt overwhelmed or was unable to find a way. Then, she usually invited me to take a few breaths and settle down “…so that we can brainstorm about possible solutions”, she used to say. Surprisingly to me then –and despite my initial disapproval and annoyance– this method worked!

Back then, I didn’t know anything about grounding, or about how breath affects the brain and nervous system. Today, I have deep gratitude for the wisdom she shared with me in these moments. They live on in me now.

Sabrina is my older sister, and the mother of Sean Alexander Curow, my nephew. Sabrina died unexpectedly and suddenly in a car accident in 2005 at the age of 33.

It was then that I refocused my life.

While the seed to live purposefully aligned with my heart had been with me since birth, Sabrina’s death woke me up in a way. It asked me to finally take action in alignment with my heart.

To honor, thank and celebrate Sabrina’s life and her everlasting spirit, I offer service-for-service exchanges for select individuals who have worked with me before, are committed on their paths, and offer gifts and talents that are of service to me.

I call these individuals Sabrina Spirit Exchangers because these exchanges are done in the Spirit of Sabrina. In doing so, I also hope to honor the parts of her spirit that live on as sparks of light in my nephew Sean.

While alive, and even now from the Spirit Realms, Sabrina has been one of my biggest supporters and saw the vision of my joyful service in the world long before I did. What’s more, she had an amazingly huge heart, a brilliant brain, a laugh that forever echoes in the Ethers, and she offered her gifts freely to those who needed it. Sabrina truly did help me to live my life joyfully and purpose-aligned, and I thank her for it.

Now, the Exchangers come in the same Spirit as Sabrina did, and they offer the essence of the same gifts, only in their form and in their way, yet with the same big heart and joy as Sabrina did. I thank Sabrina, and all those who remind me of her Spirit…

Sabrina Spirit Exchangers, I honor you and your gifts, and I thank you for your support, and for allowing me to share my gifts with you. I love you!

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