imageThere are two types of Community events: Circles and “Virtuals.” Circles are in-person gatherings, and Virtuals happen online via Periscope or Twitter.

We hold Circles in the homes of our community members. In this way, we can create, activate and anchor a Sacred Space in the homes of those who welcome it. Virtuals happen online, and you can participate via your phone, tablet or computer, or listen and watch a recording at a later time.

Email me if you want to participate in or host a Community event, and read on for further details.


Circles are monthly, in-person gatherings with the intention to:

  • Restore wholeness to ourselves,
  • Let go of what we no longer need,
  • Energize what we desire,
  • Inspire joyful and authentic living, and
  • Learn about and connect with our local community.

What happens during a Circle?

Despacho ceremony

We begin with a small introduction of those who are there.

Each person who attends is invited to briefly share themes and patterns they noticed over the previous month, as well as intentions and dreams for the upcoming month. This process helps us recognize collective themes and patterns that need to be cleared or healed, and intentions and dreams that can be energized and amplified.

Sharing is optional and you can opt out of sharing ~other than your name~ if you like.

I will then guide you on a journey, an exercise or a ceremony that allows you to connect to your own truth and inner source, clearing away energetic debris and outside interferences, while connecting deeply to our Earth and our Stars. After the journey, exercise or ceremony you will have time to take notes or draw, and share with others who are attending.

Toward the end of the Circle, I am available to answer questions about what we did, your path, or other spiritual guidance you seek. Often, we mingle for a bit afterward so you can connect with others in your local community.

Where do we meet?

Circles happen in the homes of our local Community members so we can create, activate and anchor more Sacred Spaces in more places. Currently, I hold Circles in DC, Maryland and Virginia, and in Bad Homburg v.d.H. in Germany. I am open to holding Circles in any part of the world where I am called to do so. If you would like to host a Circle, please let me know.

When do we meet?

Circles typically happen every first Saturday or Sunday of each month. If you are interested in attending a Circle, simply email me and I will tell you the location, time and details of our next Circle.

Who can attend?

Circles are open to anyone with a sincere desire to heal, transform or elevate parts of their lives. Circles can assist with providing a clear path ahead and a meaningful community of support on your path.

What to bring?

Please bring a small gift for the host, a journal, pen, refillable water bottle, and your medicine bundle or a small sacred object if you have one. Come prepared to work outdoors for parts of the Circle.

Each Circle is a unique creation in the time-space moment we are together. Your presence makes a difference.


Virtuals happen via Periscope or Twitter. In these events, I sometimes will share little videos, audios, tips or tools; I may also guide you on a journey, do an awareness or intuition exercise, or answer questions that you can send in via chat; or, I may simply share personally inspired insights and thoughts. You can also send me a direct message via Twitter if you want me to cover something in particular.

Who can attend?

I intend Virtuals for those who have worked with me before, whether by attending a seminar, workshop, a session, retreat, a Circle, or as a member of my Luminous Warrior community. For this purpose, I have created private Twitter and Periscope accounts. This allows us to share a common language and create a safe and trusted space, even online. We know one another and you are familiar with me and my approach.

How do I join?

periscopeIf you want to join the Virtual Community, send me a direct message via Twitter or Periscope and remind me when we worked together. I will then accept you as a follower. Once you “follow” me, you can decide via your “App Settings” whether you want to be notified when I am online or not. If you miss me live online, a recordings will be available after the Virtual.

Circles and Virtuals are free of charge and offered in Ayni (sacred reciprocity) to my community.

Why are Community events free of charge?

It takes awareness, strength and commitment to live your life authentically and on purpose. Making Community events free of charge is my way of honoring your desire and commitment.

Photo Oct 30, 2 03 09 AMFor many, it is intimidating to begin on one’s spiritual journey and ask questions about which path to choose, what practices are safe, and where to go for the next step on one’s path without feeling intimidated or scared. Others are so busy being of service that they need increased self care. Yet others have a spiritual practice and seek a community of support, or they simply need or desire to recharge themselves regularly.

I provide Community events free of charge because I feel it is powerful and elevating when we connect with other like-hearted individuals in our communities. Community can strengthen us, and help us find the courage to align our actions with our inner guidance. At times it is easier to walk our own path when we witness others walk theirs.

Beginning a regular spiritual practice that is meaningful to ourselves, the ablility to ask questions free of judgement, being able to choose a path that is authentic and meaningful for us, and staying clear of outside interference, dogmas and fear-based thinking are gifts that my Community can bring.

Only in the case of Circles, I ask for a small gift for the host for offering the Space. I will email you the details in my response to your RSVP.