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After my sister died in a car accident in 2005, I was diagnosed with PTSD, suffered from depression, developed cancerous cells and lost meaning in life. After a year of experiencing daily flashbacks and intense suicidal thoughts, I received an “extraction” ~a Shamanic Healing method that can remove intrusive energies after one has experienced trauma. After this single healing session, which lasted only 45 minutes, I never again had a flashback. This was back in 2007.

After this experience of healing, naturally, I wanted to learn more. I continued with Shamanic Healing, ceremonies, energy medicine and brainwave development. I also used physical movement and self defense training for my anger and depression, which helped tremendously. In less than 2 years, I healed my depression and all other dis-eases.

It was through my direct experience with Shamanic Healing and Energy Medicine that I transformed my life.

Through my journey, I now also have a toolbox that I am able to access and use whenever life requires. I know that anything can be healed that comes up in life, and that I play a vital part in the creation of my experiences. I know when I need to ask for help, I can distinguish fear from intuition, and I know how to interpret and follow my intuition with clear action based in my vision for the world.


Given my experiences and life path, I now offer a whole-brained and integrated approach to the mind-body-spirit connection. Combining my expertise in self defense, Shamanic Healing, Energy Medicine, brain functioning, and practical spirituality, I offer a combination of techniques and tools that address the whole person. What I offer is practical and powerful, and integrates the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of an individual.

imageMy focus is on creating experiences that help you remember your place in the Universe and your innate connection to Nature. This is where our power lies ~in our Connection.

I combine modern science with ancient traditions to create experiences that empower and enable you to gain the tools, wisdom, and knowledge you need to live your life embodied, aligned and on purpose,while elevate everyone you touch.

Each person I touch is a part of a whole. As you evolve, so does Humanity. As Humanity evolves, our Earth relatives thrive. As our Earth relatives thrive, so do we.

My experience has shown me that we each have the capability to create sustainable, authentic, vibrantly fulfilled, deeply meaningful, joyful and peaceful lives. It is my hope and intention that I can be of service to help you activate, initiate and elevate your path at this time.

Living Life

I believe that practicing what I teach and embodying my practices are essential to being of service with integrity, impeccability, authenticity and purpose. I enjoy meditating, conscious movement, working with my Mesa (Medicine Bundle), spending time in ceremony, laughing, dancing, connecting with Nature, and creating transformational experiences for my Community.

You may also enjoy my eBook How One Begins or this 10-minute video about my journey:

Sara’s Story from Sara Salam on Vimeo.


My friend Kiki and I occasionally get together to answer questions and have conversations. These have evolved into a kind of article writing, sometimes just my thoughts, and sometimes in Q&A style. Feel free to browse the topics or contact me if you have a question that you would like Kiki and I to write about.

You can read more about our collaboration on the Conversations page.

Below is a formal description of some of my background and qualifications:


Self Defense

Sara Punching

Sara has over 20 years of athletic experience. She is a KRAV Maga Brown Belt and certified as an Expert II Instructor by Krav Maga Worldwide in 2010 and as a Fit to Fight Coach in 2012.

Sara is an expert in advanced self defense techniques, including defenses against guns, knives, sticks, and other weapons. She is certified in handgun personal protection tactics and is considered an expert in personal safety and self defense.

Sara now focuses on teaching self defense as a way of empowerment and healing. Her approach to self defense addresses the continuum, from awareness, to avoidance, to self defense and self care.

_MG_0860Sara’s experience in trauma management is multi-faceted. She has worked as a certified rape crisis counselor, completed programs such as Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) and IMPACT, and has been working with healers and caretakers in trauma centers and nonprofit organizations over the past decade to bring deep healing, transformation, and true empowerment to men and women all over the world.

She served as the Senior Trainer for Personal Safety and Emotional Self Care during for Global Journalist Security from 2012-2016, where she worked with activists, journalists, human rights defenders and numerous individuals from NGOs. her role was to  help these individuals prepare for traveling to potentially hostile environments and helping them heal the trauma they experienced after having returned from such deployments.

In 2016, Sara took several trips to Germany where she began to offer hands-on-healing for refugees and compassion fatigue prevention skills for caregivers at refugee centers.


MAIN PAGE - INDIVIDUALS smallSara earned a certification as Master Practitioner in Energy Medicine and Luminous Healing through the Four Winds Society, one of the leading training institutions for Energy Medicine in the world. Her advanced training includes Shamanic techniques such as Advanced Soul Retrieval, Advanced Destiny Retrieval, and Advanced Shamanic Tracking techniques.

Sara also completed private brainwave development training with Anna Wise, author of the book Awakening The Mind. She continues to train in additional healing modalities and has completed trainings to work with therapeutic-grade essential oils, crystals, and Healing Touch.

Education & Professional Experience

Sara graduated magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Maryland with a major in psychology, and earned an M.B.A. from Georgetown University. Sara spent 10 years as a senior change management consultant for Towers Perrin (now Towers Watson).

imageAs mentioned before, Sara also served as a Senior Trainer for Personal Safety and Emotional Self Care for Global Journalist Security (GJS) from 2012 to 2016. GJS is a new kind of consulting and safety training organization comprising veteran journalists, press freedom advocates, and security training professionals.

Sara is a member of the Healing Touch Professional Association and the DC Time Bank.

Creator & Guardian of Luminous Warrior

imageSara created Luminous Warrior with the intention to heal, transform, and empower lives.

Luminous Warrior brings energy medicine, shamanic healing, and sacred ceremonies into warrior and veteran communities. Luminous Warriorship is focused on utilizing the existing warrior skills and strengths and complementing them with skills to balance the mind, body and spirit. It is further intended to reorient training toward true self empowerment, living without traumatization, peace keeping, and building thriving communities.

Luminous Warrior programs emphasize an inclusive, integrated, mindful and embodied approach to healing at the level of the body, mind and spirit with the purpose of creating ecosystems and communities that are healed, safe and thriving. Sara is functioning as the Guardian of Luminous Warrior and focusing on bringing Earth and Community Stewardship into warrior and veteran communities worldwide.

Read more about Luminous Warrior at www.luminouswarrior.com.